Seven Exciting Trend T-shirt Designs You Can Try on in 2022

A t-shirt is an exciting garment to wear as it enables you to make a forceful style statement. Having a trend t-shirt design on your garment provides people with a creative personality an opportunity to express themselves freely. Your custom t-shirt could convey a strong message and bring out an unheralded side of your personality.

Trend T-shirt Designs You Can Try on

Trend T-Shirt Designs in 2022

Here are some trendy designs you can have on your t-shirt and look great.

Strong statements are bold design choices

Your T-shirt should be an ideal medium if you love advocating a political campaign or social movement. You can have a custom t shirt design with your message printed on it. It allows you to make your point boldly and clearly and stand for something without saying a word. You can remain quiet and still make a forceful statement.

At the same time, you should be careful with your words and not use something that others could find objectionable. Therefore, keeping your t-shirt minimalist and straightforward is better by having your text in an easy, bold font with bright colors and handwritten letterforms.

Multi-colored words can enhance the glamor quotient

Any text-based trend t-shirt design can look energetic by adding a splash of colors to it. You can be different and have multi-colored words, with every letter sporting a different color when doing so. Every color has a specific mood. The idea is to be simple and use universal colors like blue, red, yellow, and green.

Having your letters in different colors ensures that you attract people’s attention towards you. It can also bring out a hidden quality of your personality in the open.

Book designs can bind communities together

Books are things that can bind communities together in many ways. Having book designs makes you look different from the crowd. During COVID-19, the book designs were the most popular as many independent bookstores popularized these designs globally.

The positive aspect of the book designs is that you can use them as part of the structure. You can add your text subtly and enhance the design.

Tarot cards are the new trend today

Tarot cards have beautiful and thoughtful designs on them. Having tarot card designs on your t-shirt has become a favorite trend today. People love to go to tarot readers and know what the future has in store for them. Hence, it is no surprise that people love to have these designs on their custom t-shirts.

When having tarot card designs on your t-shirt, you should choose one that suits your personality the most. Tarot cards are available in decks of 78 cards, with each image symbolizing a unique message.

Handwritten designs enhance your individuality

Using handwritten text on your trend t-shirt design allows you to bring a distinctive tone to your design. Your handwritten designs can bring out your moods, from the retro to the funky and the bold to the delicate. It is indeed an excellent feeling to create your own lettering designs on your t-shirt.

The best time to start with your custom t-shirt handwritten design is when you are in a calm state of mind. It brings the best out of you and allows you to add a fun quotient by using fun colors and other design elements around the handwritten text.

The warped text provides endless possibilities

Having a distorted text design on your t-shirt brings exciting possibilities as it allows your plain text designs to stand out. In addition, this design allows you to go back into memory lane and have the wavy retro design of the 1970s.

When designing warped text, you should note to draw a couple of wavy lines initially and have your text fill up the gap between them. While it could look crazy at first, the warped text allows for endless possibilities as you make a commanding statement and announce your presence.

The minimalist rainbow designs make you stand out from the crowd

Rainbows represent joy and bring hope to everyone’s lives. So, having a rainbow on your t-shirt is a trend t shirt design. You can incorporate your message below the rainbow and add meaning and inspiration to your design. While painting the rainbow, you can be creative with your coloring and not necessarily use the seven rainbow colors in the same order. It makes your design look unique and lets you stand out from the crowd.

Final Words

The days of buying t-shirts from the shelves are over. Today, you have the technology to create your custom t-shirt designs and make a compelling statement to the world. The latest trend in the world today is to have personalized messages on your t-shirts. This blog should give you some inspiration as the possibilities are endless. When you have a creative mind, the sky is the limit.