Crucial Aspects of Nail Acrylic Powder Everyone Should Know

Acrylic nails are common, primarily among women with short nails. The nail extensions stick to the nail surface and make them look elongated and beautiful. For a salon technician, acrylic nails are not something new for us. We see them every day, with many women preferring to have acrylic nail extensions rather than go for gel or dip powder manicures. So, it is high time you know how nail acrylic powder is made and why it is so durable compared to other manicures.

Crucial Aspects of Nail Acrylic Powder Everyone Should Know

How Do They Make Acrylic Powder?

Acrylic is a monomer, and it is impossible to make dip acrylic or nail acrylic powder without the monomer. Therefore, scientifically, acrylic powder is also referred to as polymerized monomer.

Generally, the ingredient used in manufacturing acrylic powder is PMMA (Poly Methyl Methacrylate). However, PMMA is a hazardous substance because it is extremely hard. Therefore, FDA has restricted its use in preparing acrylic powder for nails. The next best alternative is Poly Ethyl Methacrylate. This compound has a different combination from PMMA and is best suited for making acrylic powder for nails.

Nevertheless, the EMA is also blended with softer polymers to enhance its flexibility. The manufacturing process also requires adding water to dilute it. But, you should understand that monomer does not dissolve in water. In scientific terms, it is hydrophobic. It does not mix in water and remains suspended as tiny beads. Therefore, manufacturers add benzoyl peroxide, a catalyst, to the mixture, which helps to speed up the reaction. The process requires adding other additives to assist in getting the perfect combination. Finally, they drain the water and allow the beads to dry.

Let us now see how acrylic powder works for nails

The role of the catalyst is significant in the production of acrylic powder. When added to the polymer liquid, it breaks the initiator into two halves, each containing on free radical. The radical combines with the monomer and energizes it.

The energized monomer forms a covalent bond as it attaches itself to another monomer. Similarly, it keeps on forming covalent bonds to create polymer chains. These polymer chains encase each polymer powder bead and fuse them into the acrylic nail. This reaction continues until there is no monomer left.

Finally, we end up with the finished product as a fine powder. The trick to preparing the best quality powder is to spin them faster. The faster it spins during the reaction, the finer the powder is. Different manufacturers use different techniques for preparing acrylic powder, but the basic procedure is the same.

Why do experts advise against mixing dip acrylic powders from two different manufacturers?

We have discussed that each manufacturer uses unique processes for making dip powder acrylic nails. A lot depends on the catalysts and activators used in the dip acrylic powder preparation. Therefore, it is not advisable to mix two combinations because it might not work out perfectly. It is always better to mix powders manufactured by the same manufacturer.

Is it advisable to use cheap nail acrylic powder?

It is not good to do so because you never know what manufacturers do to cut costs. If you compare the best quality acrylic powders with the cheap ones, you will understand that the ingredients used will not be the same. The cheap manufacturers might also use MMA instead of EMA. Besides being hazardous to your nails, MMA is not recommended for use on nails by the FDA.

Which is the best nail acrylic powder to use?

One should always go for the reputed brands like LDS, OPI, Nugenesis, etc. These manufacturers use the best quality materials in preparing nail acrylic powder. In addition, these are trustworthy brands with many years of experience in designing quality products.

Does acrylic powder expire?

Many people have this doubt as to whether acrylic powder expires. Dip acrylic is a chemical compound, and all chemical compounds have a definite expiry date. The best quality acrylic nail powders can last for a year to 18 months. Besides, a lot depends on their storage and usage. These powders cannot withstand extreme hot or cold climates. Hence, one should be careful with their use. Some powders can get damaged when exposed to air or light. Therefore, one should close the lights tightly and store the powder in dark cabinets.

Should I shake the bottle well before use?

It is advisable to shake the bottle and allow the powder to mix correctly. If we do not do so, the ingredients do not mix well, resulting in an imperfect manicure.

Final Thoughts

Generally, we visit a salon and get our acrylic nail extensions, but rarely do we look into how acrylic nail powder is prepared. This article dwelt on such aspects. We trust we have made ourselves clear in this matter.