Know the Difference Between Various Gel Nail Manicures

Choosing the proper nail manicure can be as challenging as selecting the perfect attire and makeup. You have different types of manicures available in the fashion world. They include the Basic Manicure, Gel Manicure, Dip Powder Manicure, Press-On Manicure, Vinylux Manicure, Polygel Manicure, Shellac Manicure, Gel Extensions, and Acrylic Nails. We shall compare the different gel manicures in this article and learn how they differ from each other.

Know the Difference Between Various Gel Nail Manicures

Different Types of Gel Nail Manicures

Gel Manicure

You get two types of gel nail polish manicures, soft and hard. The soft gel is a porous manicure that you can soak off comfortably. The hard gel manicures allow nail extensions and the creation of fantastic shapes and designs, such as stiletto nails, ballerina nails, coffin nails, etc.

The primary difference between hard and soft gel is that hard gel is not porous. Hence, the removal process requires filing off the gel nail colors layer. The best aspect is that you can have both the soft and hard gel nail polish simultaneously, one layer over the other.

When comparing a hard gel manicure and an acrylic nail, the gel manicure looks better.

Gel nail polish can cost around $20 to $75. If you wish to have a gel manicure over your regular nail polish, you might have to pay approximately $20 extra. However, you can master the gel polish technique and have the manicure at home. Gel nail polish is advantageous because you can have nail art designs comfortably over them.

Gel manicures can last comfortably for three weeks, depending on your nail growth rate. But, you should follow the correct procedure when having a gel manicure. Taking care of your cuticles is a crucial part of your gel manicure. Similarly, curing the polish layer under a UV lamp is also critical.

A gel nail polish manicure removal procedure can take more than half an hour. However, removing the hard gel manicure takes more time than soft gels because they require more soaking in acetone.

Gel Extensions

Gel extensions are different from a regular gel polish manicure, but they are the perfect alternative because it is easy to have this manicure. Gel extensions come in various shapes and sizes. You can top up these extensions with gel nail polish and have an excellent manicure option.

Though gel extensions resemble acrylic nail extensions, they are different because gel extensions are thinner and more flexible. As a result, they resemble your natural nail better than acrylic extensions.

While gel extensions can last comfortably for three or four weeks, it is advisable to check up after three weeks. There could be a nail extension lifting providing ample chance for bacterial contamination.

Gel nail extensions consume more time than gel nail polish. A proper gel extension manicure can take anything between one and a half hours to two hours. Costs-wise, gel extensions are comparatively more expensive than gel polish. You can have them in the price range of $80 to $125.

Removing gel nail extensions is easy because the procedure is the same as gel polish removal. First, you file your nails to remove the color layer. Then, place a cotton ball soaked in acetone over the nail surface and leave it for 20 minutes. The gel extension should slide off.

The best aspect of gel nail extensions is that they do not damage your nails.

Polygel Manicure

The Polygel manicure is somewhere between gel nails and acrylic. You get the flexibility associated with hard gels while having the strength of powder acrylics. Thus, Polygel is a versatile manicure that feels comparatively lighter than any other manicure.

Polygel does not damage your nails if you follow the correct procedure for application and removal. Secondly, Polygel is a flexible and robust manicure that can last longer than hard gel nail polish. They last comfortably for more than three weeks, after which you need a fill-in.

Removing the Polygel manicure is easy because you can file down the color using nail files and buffers. Finally, you go for the acetone soak to soften the gel layer. A gentle push using the cuticle pusher allows the Polygel layer to slide off smoothly.

Generally, a Polygel manicure is not expensive as you can get a decent job for $50. However, the cost can be higher if you add nail tips and art design.

Final Thoughts

Though we have other types of manicures, we have restricted our discussion to gel polish colors alone. You can conveniently note that the gel polish manicure is the easiest of the lot. Whereas gel extensions look more beautiful and last longer, the Polygel manicure gives a robust look.

In short, all the gel manicures are attractive and enhance your overall personality by matching your attire and occasion. Therefore, gel nail polish is the most popular manicure every woman loves.