How to Take off Gel Polish at Home?

Having a gel manicure is an amazing feeling because you can go around showing off your shiny nails for a couple of weeks. Gradually, the shine starts fading as the natural nail keeps growing beneath the polish layer. A top-up job does not look nice on a gel manicure. It is better to remove the layer altogether and have a fresh coat.

remover gel polish at home

The question is whether you should do the nail polish removal at a salon or go for a DIY job. In today’s times, the do-at-home option is preferable. This blog discusses how you can take off gel polish at home. You can master the technique with practice and have clean, undamaged nails.

Get your ingredients in order

Gel nail polish removal requires you to collect the necessary ingredients and be prepared for the job. Your gel nail polish kit should contain cotton balls, aluminum wraps, acetone, cuticle oil, and nail cutters, files, and nail buffer.

Step By Step Remover Gel Polish at Home

Rough up the polish surface

One can use the sterilized nail buffer to break the seal and rough up the nail surface. However, it is advisable to be gentle and ensure to remove the topcoat alone. You need not file deep into the nail polish to remove it. The purpose behind roughing up the surface is that it reduces your exposure time to acetone.

Many women skip this step and still manage to remove the nail polish comfortably. It depends on your preferences.

Acetone is essential for nail polish removal

Acetone is universally regarded as the ideal solution to remove gel polish. One way to remove nail polish is to dip your nails entirely into the acetone solution. However, it increases your exposure to the chemical. It can result in dehydration of your skin and nails.

A better method is to soak the cotton balls in acetone and place them on the nails. It ensures that the skin does not come in contact with acetone. The aluminum wraps help to keep the cotton balls in place.

One should remember that the cuticles need additional protection. The ideal precautionary measure is to put lotion or cuticle oil on the cuticles. Thus, acetone does not affect the cuticles in any way.

Repeat the procedure on all the fingers

Repeat the same procedure on all your fingers. You might need help in wrapping the aluminum foil around the last few fingers.

Heat can expedite the process

Using heat to expedite the process is gradually becoming a new trend. Tests have proved that adding heat while soaking your nails in acetone can help in removing gel polish nails quickly. One can heat a microwave eye mask in a microwave oven for about 30 seconds and try placing it on the foil wraps. Though this process is not compulsory, it does help to expedite the removal of some nail polish brands.

Soaking is necessary for about 20 minutes

The aluminum wraps should be on the nails for a minimum of 20 minutes. It allows the acetone to soak into the polish and dissolve it entirely. You can try removing the wraps after 20 minutes to check whether the process is complete. If the polish layer does not come off automatically, you need an extended soak. Generally, thick polish layers require soaking for longer periods. It explains why we rough up the nail surface before starting the removal procedure.

Remove the wraps carefully

After the soaking procedure is over, it is advisable to press the aluminum foil gently so that the cotton ball touches the nail. It helps to remove the gel polish layer smoothly. As you remove the wrap and cotton balls, the gel polish should slide off the nails smoothly.

If there are stubborn stains left, you can try filing the nail carefully. If they persist, you should repeat the soaking procedure.

Finish up the process

Some stains could remain after the entire removal process is over. It is better to use an orangewood stick to scrape away at the debris carefully. It is not advisable to force your way through as it could end up damaging the nail surface.

Wash your nails thoroughly

One should wash their nails with soap and water. It helps to remove acetone traces and nail polish flakes. Finally, you should massage your nails and cuticles with cuticle oil. It helps in the rehydration process. Secondly, one should not rush into a new gel manicure immediately after the nail polish removal process. It is better to let the nail heal naturally. You can have a healthy diet to expedite the healing process. A week should prove sufficient.

Final Words

Removing nail polish is an easy process to master. With practice, you can become an expert. It saves you time and money. However, you should ensure to have all the removal ingredients ready with your gel nail polish kit. It proves handy.