Why Are Your Nails Easy to Break or Peel?

Broken nails are one of the most frustrating things for women and it always seems to happen at inconvenient times. We invite you to learn about temporary “first aid” measures for nails in case they break suddenly. First of all, buy SNS dipping powder colors at reputable SNS nail supplies, you will see their benefits at home when accidentally breaking or peeling nails.

Why are your nails easy to break or peel

What’s the worst thing that can happen after a manicure just returned from the nail salon or spa? Many percent it is a broken nail! When this unfortunate thing happens, it takes a long time for the nails to return to their original shape or the mood you will be extremely frustrated when the hand with 1-2 broken nails makes the total your hands look so squishy. But don’t worry, we will reveal the secret to cause your nails getting worse in the following article?

The Reasons Why Your Nail Set Break & Peel so Fast?

There are many girls who often wonder why even though they have treated their nails, trimmed to shape, and roughened the surface of the real nails, their nails are still easy to peel and even break. There are also many girls who come to the salon with the desire to own the most attractive and eye-catching nail sets, but many times do not enjoy the full joy because peeling and broken nails occur after a few days. There are many reasons for such problems that you do not pay attention to, which are:

Your body lacks the nutrients that nourish strong nails from inside

Your body lacks the nutrients that nourish strong nails from deep inside. As you know, nutrition plays a very important role in nourishing the whole body’s circulation, including nails, nails or hands are also parts of the body and they need to be nourished from the ground up deep inside by foods or functional foods containing substances such as: Calcium, zinc, iron, … Eating in moderation and science is the first step to create the foundation for super strong natural nails.

You haven’t chosen the right product for you

The product that you or your nail technician uses to do your nails is also one of the most important factors determining the durability and beauty of the nails. Many people are still superficial in choosing dip powders or nail polishes for themselves, but that will make your nails worse because not all kinds of nail dip powders or nail polishes are good, especially the ones that are too cheap and of no clear origin. Surely you will not be able to keep your nails durable and beautiful with such those products. However, you can completely overcome the above problem by the way to buy SNS dipping powder colors to do your nails at home (make sure to follow the correct technique of dipping powder manicure) or when you go to the nail salon, ask a nail technicians use SNS powder dip colors for you.

Because you do it incorrectly or the nail technician is inexperienced

For dip powder manicure, the process and the way it is done is the most important factor in keeping your nails as durable and beautiful as possible. There are many types of nails and nail shapes, for each type you or the nail technician must consider how to do it, in particular, old and excess cuticles must be neatly trimmed, natural nail length is adjusted accordingly and nail surface is treated to create friction between primer and nail then use type of dip powder product which can support the beauty factor and finish sticky & firmly. You will no longer need to worry about sudden nail breakage.

You work too hard and often exposed to chemicals

You are often active and work too much when long nail samples are easy to cause injury or broken nails. At the same time, when exposed to water and chemicals day by day, your nails will become weaker and thinner, which is also the main cause of nail damage.

Can SNS Dipping Powder Work for You?

SNS dip nail is suitable for use on all types of nails no matter how weak they are. SNS allows the dipping powder product to naturally and brilliantly color with good coverage, without LED or UV lamp neeed to dry and causing the fingers to be sticky. In addition, SNS colors nail dip has many colors to help customers have more choices. If unfortunately after doing a nail at the salon, you suddenly break or peel off your nails at sensitive times, you can still use the same colors of SNS dipping powder to fix the error for that nail set. SNS dip powder ensures a durability of more than 2 weeks and adheres tightly with lovely colors and nutrients to help nourish and develop nails.

Final thought

From today, to get rid of the worry that your nails will quickly peel and break, pay attention to the reasons listed above. Overcoming those problems, your thin and weak nail defects will gradually improve. At the same time, look for reputable SNS nail supplies to buy quality dip powder products at the best prices!