Six Steps to Get a Gel Polish Manicure like a Pro

If you feel that you have to visit a nail salon for the perfect gel polish manicure, you are in for a tremendous surprise because you can now get a similar manicure at home. This blog post will help you master the technique at home. As a result, you can bid goodbye to the nail salons and have a great time trying out different manicures at home.

Six Steps to Get a Gel Polish Manicure like a Pro

Let us start with the process straightaway.

Step by Step Apply Gel Polish Manicure at Home

Get your things in place

Before you sit down for the nail manicure, it is better to have all the necessary items stacked up in front of you. For example, you would not like to get up in the middle of the manicure to search for your nail files or cleansers with polish spread all over your nails.

Dig into your DND gel polish set to ensure that you have the nail file, buff, cleansers, cuticle pusher, cuticle softener, lint-free wipes, and other paraphernalia ready on hand. Similarly, the basecoat, topcoat, Daisy DND gel polish, UV lamp, and primer should be immediately accessible without getting up from your seat.

It is also advisable to keep cuticle oil ready for moisturizing your nails and keep them shiny and healthy after the manicure.

Start with the prepping job

The prepping job is the foundation for your nail manicure. You should ensure to follow the procedure religiously to avoid damage to your manicure. An improper job at this stage can result in the chipping or lifting of the nails. Thus, water could seep into the gaps and create a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, prepping your nails is crucial.

The sterilized nail file can help you get the ideal nail shape for your nails. For example, if you have elongated fingers, you can opt for a round or almond shape to get the perfect contrast. On the other hand, people with short nails can go for a stiletto or ballerina-styled nail shape to accentuate its length.

Taking care of the cuticles is crucial. You can push the cuticles into their grooves using an orangewood cuticle pusher. Alternatively, you can also clip your cuticles if you find them interfering with the manicure. Under such circumstances, a cuticle remover can prove handy. It reduces the pain by preventing injuries to your cuticles.

The next step is buffing your nails to give them a coarse look and enabling the basecoat to adhere to the nail surface easily. Again, it is essential to buff the entire nail plate from edge to edge. Finally, you wipe your nails of all the debris and degrease them. If you have a good-quality cleanser, it should work fine. Alternatively, alcohol or nail polish remover can also help absorb the oils and degrease your nails.

Apply the primer

The primer helps enhance adhesion to the nail plate and the polish layers simultaneously by working like double-sided tape. An acid primer is preferable to an acid-free primer. However, it depends on your preferences. One or two dots should be sufficient for applying on the nails. The primer spreads on its own, and you should wait for it to evaporate completely before proceeding further.

The basecoat application

You should start by applying the basecoat in thin layers on the four fingers, excluding the thumb. The next step is to cure the basecoat layers under a UV lamp for one minute. After you cure the fingernail basecoat application, you can proceed with your thumb. It is necessary to cure this layer as well under the UV lamp. If there is any excess basecoat on the nails, it is advisable to remove them before curing. Otherwise, it could result in lump formation. You should also ensure not to apply the basecoat to your cuticles, or you could end up with lifted nails as they continue to grow.

The color application

It is better to decide beforehand which color you want to use. It ensures that you do not rummage through the DND gel polish set after starting the procedure. Then, apply the chosen DND gel polish on your nails using a thin brush and straight unidirectional strokes from the base to the edge.

It is crucial to cure the polish layer every time you apply them. A 30-sec cure should be sufficient to dry the polish. Then, you can apply subsequent layers after curing the previous layers under the UV lamp.

If you love nail stickers, you can have them at this juncture.

The topcoat application

The final part of your gel polish manicure is the topcoat application. Every layer requires two minutes of curing under the UV lamp. After that, you can add a couple of layers to get a glossy finish.


The topcoat layer can be tacky. Therefore, it is handy to use a cleanser and wipe off the sticky layer. Now, your gel manicure is over, and you can proudly show off your DND gel polish and lacquer fingers on your Instagram or Pinterest handles.