Fairness & Flawless, a direct selling company, which I believe started way back 2013 with budget products such as skincare sets, soaps, creams, lotions and more. I even ordered some GKMS and NONI Soap from their reseller in Antipolo. Now they also tap the makeup lovers with their latest innovation for the makeup side, the Colourette’s Coloursticks. I first encountered this brand when Shy  of mentioned about this product having no idea that FnF released their makeup line.

Colourstick is the perfect definition of love at first swipe.

Product Claims:
Colourstick is the perfect definition of love at first swipe.
Switch to an all-natural swatch with Colourstick, the lip lacquer like no other!
Made with all natural actives like Vitamin C and E, Collagen, Hyaluronic acid, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Grapeseed oil and Avocado oil, this functional lipstick plumps, moisturizes and hydrates the lips while keeping it vibrantly beautiful.
Colourette is the first multi-functional and all-natural cosmetic line to debut online. Aside from our beneficial makeup, we see to it that we deliver to exceed most expectations. Our Coloursticks are best known for their unique creamy matte finish and the phenomenal one-swipe swatch concept.

Price: Php 499 each
Where to buy: FnF Colourette Dealers and Resellers –
check their facebook page for authorized sellers or look for their certificate. Some of their sellers have physical stores. They’re also available in Zalora for Php 549.

Currently available in 12 shades + the Uno Primer

I swatched several shades from the line. Here’s Colourette Lipsticks Coloursticks in Petra, Sahara, Harlem & Amari

Check out my swatch of Colourette Colourstick in Petra. To tell you the truth, I only use 1 swipe of the lipstick here. No base or lip balms, just my bare lips.

  1. Bare Lips
  2. Swiped once (Too creamy for me)
  3. Blotted the creamy layer of Colourette, it leaves a strong tint. I tried this to check if it would really last long.
  4. Right after eating dinner my mother prepared: Sinigang (Hi Mama!). 1 swipe still leaves a pinkish effect to my lips.


  • I’m not sure if the readers would dig this Php 499 Lipstick but I would for more! I can even line it up with my MAC Lipsticks because of the color & performance (You know I love lipsticks that leaves a full stain)
  • For an 8 hour usage, I can just retouch once or even not at all (depending on my food maybe?)
  • Its good to use for gradient lips instead of a full lip color
  • Since it’s matte with a creamy finish – smudge cannot be prevented unless blotted carefully, but some makeup junkies love this kind of finish.
  • Longlasting
  • Fruity scent
  • Decent packaging
  • A little swipe goes a long way

Would I recommend it? Yes! Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post, nor affiliated with Fairness & Flawless