Binondo’s Bee Tin Grocery In Binondo

Since I started roaming streets of Binondo and trying out different fast food, we’ve been always served with Jasmine tea (than water). I just remembered YingYing Tea House for their Jasmine Tea. And that started my craving for this kind of tea. I searched for stores selling Jasmine tea and found this red store after the bridge in Binondo, the Bee Tin Grocery.

I finally found my Jasmine Tea here, I got it for only Php 195 for 100 jasmine tea bags already. Bee Tin Grocery also has some dried leaves for your chosen tea. Bee Tin also offers different kinds of ingredients you need for Asian Cuisines such as mushrooms, seeds, dried fruits, noodles, soy sauce, rice vinegar, kimchi, chilli sauce, curry, miso paste, and herbs.

You may also find some snacks inside! Know KIAMOY? Different kinds!
Staffs are helpful and they would be willing to help you if you’re looking for something inside. Do not worry if Guards roam inside especially at the back area, they are mindful for pickpockets.

I think if you look like Chinese (like me). the store owner would give you a discount even without asking.

I love buying their peanut bar. This would be one of the best places I will miss in Binondo. As Binondo wouldn’t be complete without Bee Tin Grocery
If you’re looking for rare Asian food or ingredients, try checking out Bee Tin Grocery!