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Why Are Your Nails Easy to Break or Peel?

Broken nails are one of the most frustrating things for women and it always seems to happen at inconvenient times. We invite you to learn about temporary “first aid” measures for nails in case they break suddenly. First of all, buy SNS dipping powder colors at reputable SNS nail supplies, you will see their benefits at home when accidentally breaking or peeling nails.

Why are your nails easy to break or peel

What’s the worst thing that can happen after a manicure just returned from the nail salon or spa? Many percent it is a broken nail! When this unfortunate thing happens, it takes a long time for the nails to return to their original shape or the mood you will be extremely frustrated when the hand with 1-2 broken nails makes the total your hands look so squishy. But don’t worry, we will reveal the secret to cause your nails getting worse in the following article?

The Reasons Why Your Nail Set Break & Peel so Fast?

There are many girls who often wonder why even though they have treated their nails, trimmed to shape, and roughened the surface of the real nails, their nails are still easy to peel and even break. There are also many girls who come to the salon with the desire to own the most attractive and eye-catching nail sets, but many times do not enjoy the full joy because peeling and broken nails occur after a few days. There are many reasons for such problems that you do not pay attention to, which are:

Your body lacks the nutrients that nourish strong nails from inside

Your body lacks the nutrients that nourish strong nails from deep inside. As you know, nutrition plays a very important role in nourishing the whole body’s circulation, including nails, nails or hands are also parts of the body and they need to be nourished from the ground up deep inside by foods or functional foods containing substances such as: Calcium, zinc, iron, … Eating in moderation and science is the first step to create the foundation for super strong natural nails. (more…)

Six Steps to Get a Gel Polish Manicure like a Pro

If you feel that you have to visit a nail salon for the perfect gel polish manicure, you are in for a tremendous surprise because you can now get a similar manicure at home. This blog post will help you master the technique at home. As a result, you can bid goodbye to the nail salons and have a great time trying out different manicures at home.

Six Steps to Get a Gel Polish Manicure like a Pro

Let us start with the process straightaway.

Step by Step Apply Gel Polish Manicure at Home

Get your things in place

Before you sit down for the nail manicure, it is better to have all the necessary items stacked up in front of you. For example, you would not like to get up in the middle of the manicure to search for your nail files or cleansers with polish spread all over your nails.

Dig into your DND gel polish set to ensure that you have the nail file, buff, cleansers, cuticle pusher, cuticle softener, lint-free wipes, and other paraphernalia ready on hand. Similarly, the basecoat, topcoat, Daisy DND gel polish, UV lamp, and primer should be immediately accessible without getting up from your seat. (more…)

Tips for Fast and Efficient Tanning Process

Tanning has been very much in trend since the last few years. Everyone wants the perfect glowing bronzed look on their skin. It looks extremely attractive and gives you a model-like glam look.

Tips for Fast and Efficient Tanning

Easy it might seem, there are still some problems with tanning. The main issue with tanning is that it takes a lot of time to develop the right tone for your skin. People who go for natural sun tanning have to sit outside to get tanned. It can sometimes also burn their skin. People who get artificial tanning also face problems like extremely dark or mismatched, patchy tan on their skin.

We compiled some useful ideas for you that can not only make the tanning process fast but also more efficient.

How to get the ideal tan of your desires

The first thing to discuss is the best options that we have got for getting tanned. There are a number of products that are available which work quickly and efficiently. Here are a few that you can check out.

  • Tanning oil: tanning oil is the best way to simultaneously enhance the tanning process and keep your skin protected from the sun. Especially for pale skin where sunburn from natural tanning is very common to occur, the best tanning oil for pale skin can do wonders.
  • Spray tan: spray tanning is the best way to distribute your tan evenly on your skin without creating patches or orange blotches. It also dries and develops quickly as compared to ordinary products.
  • Gel tanning: tanning gels are so underrated although they are far better than creamy tanning products. A gel absorbs way more faster into the skin as compared to an ordinary greasy product.


How to Take off Gel Polish at Home?

Having a gel manicure is an amazing feeling because you can go around showing off your shiny nails for a couple of weeks. Gradually, the shine starts fading as the natural nail keeps growing beneath the polish layer. A top-up job does not look nice on a gel manicure. It is better to remove the layer altogether and have a fresh coat.

remover gel polish at home

The question is whether you should do the nail polish removal at a salon or go for a DIY job. In today’s times, the do-at-home option is preferable. This blog discusses how you can take off gel polish at home. You can master the technique with practice and have clean, undamaged nails.

Get your ingredients in order

Gel nail polish removal requires you to collect the necessary ingredients and be prepared for the job. Your gel nail polish kit should contain cotton balls, aluminum wraps, acetone, cuticle oil, and nail cutters, files, and nail buffer.

Step By Step Remover Gel Polish at Home

Rough up the polish surface

One can use the sterilized nail buffer to break the seal and rough up the nail surface. However, it is advisable to be gentle and ensure to remove the topcoat alone. You need not file deep into the nail polish to remove it. The purpose behind roughing up the surface is that it reduces your exposure time to acetone. (more…)

Best Ways to Get Shiny Healthy Hair Without Going to Salon Every Month

Some people may think that going to a salon every month is the only way to get shiny and bouncy hair. But the truth is you don’t need a keratin treatment, hair spa or hair smoothening to get that amazing look. You can just open the fridge or go to the kitchen and will find many things that will not only give you shiny hair but will provide your hair strength from the roots as well.

Best Ways to Get Shiny Healthy Hair

Choose Shampoo Carefully

No matter whatever product we use or not, everyone uses shampoo. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while choosing it, as the wrong shampoo can cause damage.

You can consider having a Korean shampoo if your goal is to have soft and smooth hair. Don’t use just any shampoo that comes to your hand, be picky and research about it.

Oiling Is the Key

Oiling the night before you want to wash your hair is necessary. Oiling not only gives nourishment, but it gives strength to the roots as well. Just warm your oil a little bit and massage it on your scalp in a circular motion using your fingertips.

Don’t ever use your nails on your scalp, as it will provoke minor cuts on your scalp resulting in damage. Choose the oil very carefully because chemicals present in the oil will sip into your scalp and not only harm your hair growth but your overall health as well slowly.

Just be mindful while choosing the product, be careful about the ingredients in it. If you are confused, you can buy any pure and natural Coconut oil, Almond oil or Olive oil. Castor oil is also great for hair growth when using on the scalp. (more…)

Comparison Between OPI Nail Lacquers and OPI Gel Nail Polish

OPI nail lacquer is a famous original formula most manicure lovers are familiar with — it is a trusted formula with fashion-forward and top quality colors with iconic names, making it one among the last word DIY nail systems. Read on to seek out just what makes the OPI formula so iconic and learn pro tips and tricks to forming your manicure that lasts longer and dries faster.

OPI’s gel nail polish or nail enamel is officially called “GelColor Soak-off Gel Lacquer.” Briefly, a gel manicure may be a coat of colored gel that appears deceptively, almost like nail enamel. It uses a thin brush-on formula made for a classic finish and top performance than regular nail enamel.

What is the Difference Between Nail Polish and Nail Lacquer?

Nail lacquer is typically more durable than the usual nail enamel formulas and is a bit thicker when compared, making it more chip resistant. Generally, Nail lacquers contain a pigment which is why they are solvent-based coatings, and they are applied to nails with a brush. Nail lacquers don’t require a lamp during curing to dry. OPI gel nail lacquer uses a fast-drying formula that gives up to 7 days of wear and tear and is out there in 200+ unique shades.

Benefits of Nail Lacquer Manicure

While pedicures and manicures aren’t full-body massages, they will be relaxing. Many nail salons offer various services, among which are the basic manicure and pedicures or a costlier treatment like hand and foot massages and aromatherapy. An easy hand and foot massage can help a lot if you’re having a stressful day.

It Improves the Nail’s Health

One of the essential elements of using nail enamel, or getting a manicure, is the cuticle oil. Although it has been once disregarded as too messy, it’s now a common part of nail treatments. Cuticle oil is made with different sorts of formulas like almond, tangerine, tea tree, rice bran, jojoba, and plain vitamin E oil. Most cuticle oils are now offered as gels, although some are still in the oil. It would help if you understood that not only do these cuticle oils prevent the expansion of fungus and bacteria, they also keep the nails and the skins around them soft. Your nails could fall off as a result of fungus and bacteria. (more…)

Best Stuff to Clean Your Face

Top 5 Best Stuff to Clean Your Face Without Wrecking Your Skin

Cleaning your face seems a pretty simple and straight-forward thing, just put on some cleaning product and wash it away. But have you ever thought how much damage you may cause to your sensitive facial skin if the products being used are low quality or made up of poorly chosen, toxic ingredients? Well a lot of skin conditions such as extreme dryness, dermatitis or inflammation are caused only because the product being used is not up to mark when it comes to quality or might just not be compatible with your skin type. To avoid all such problems from happening, we have brought together some excellent face cleaning stuff which will make your face free from all those unwanted impurities without disturbing your skin.

Facial Scrubber Spatula for Deep Cleansing

Amazon best-selling product B086GVN5RK

The facial scrubber spatula is an essential product to cleanse and uplift the skin cells. Used after steaming or facial cleansing, it brings out all the trapped impurities from the skin and provides you with deep exfoliation and purification. The small, controlled vibrations close the open pores and thus help in preventing wrinkles and signs of aging. The stainless steel body of the machine makes it totally harmless for skin. It is light-weight and easy to carry.

Neutrogena Microdermabrasion Starter Kit

Amazon best-selling product B004ZD2M6I

If you have the best microdermabrasion at home machines, you need to forget about all the facial cleaning worries. This kit by Neutrogena comes with a bunch of single use puffs which remove all the grime from the face by gentle vibratory motion on the face. Using it for the first time, a visible radiant glow can be seen whereas the regular usage of the product makes your skin a lot more healthier and firmer. The massager exfoliates the skin and restores blood circulation to all parts of the face, allowing the cells to grow and regenerate.

Mlikang Electric Blackhead Remover

Amazon best-selling product B087C38QHZ

Removing blackheads with any ordinary tool can damage skin. This blackhead remover has high suction ability which instantly removes all the blackheads no matter what size they are. It has a massaging and gently acting properties which exfoliate the skin while providing deep cleansing. The easy to use and portable device is highly user friendly. (more…)

Best Face Cleaning Products

Top 5 Best Face Cleaning Products for Your Skin 2020

Do you also get tired of spending an hour every morning and every night to cleaning your face? Face cleaning could be tiresome especially if you spend most of the time of your day outside where you continuously expose your facial skin to all the impurities. These get trapped in the pores and sometimes get deposited in the deeper layers. If you do not use a good cleaning product on your face daily, these deposits of dirt and grime can lead to oil and acne breakouts, or sometimes it may lead to skin infections. To avoid any such situation from occurring, have a look at our recommended best face cleaning products and choose the one that is compatible with your skin type.

Clean & Clear 2-Pack Day and Night Face Cleanser

Amazon best-selling product B00JFV5X3E

This pack of 2 cleansers by clean & clear is perfect to be used in the morning and at night. These are hypoallergenic so they reduce the redness of the skin while gently cleaning away all the makeup residues and dirt deposits. The morning cleanser removes the buildup of oil and other skin impurities from the face and it also has a unique fragrance which keeps your morning fresh. The night cleanser purifies your tired skin cells after a long day and gives you a calming sensation.

Shea Moisture Velvet Skin Exfoliating Scrub

Amazon best-selling product B084WQLSSS

Shea Moisture has a centuries old experience of producing the best scrubs for dry skin. The purple rice water extract is an amazing skin exfoliating agent which uplifts the dry, weak and dying skin cells. This is particularly useful if your skin gets affected with all day wear of makeup. The Shea butter component is useful for soothing the skin so it is good for sensitive and irritating skin types. It helps in removing the dry skin in a gentle manner leaving the skin soft and supple. A slow massage of this scrub will increase blood circulation to the facial cells and make your skin glowing and radiant.

Olay Wipes

Amazon best-selling product B00479FP4Q

Olay daily facial wipes are an amazing option to clean your face if you are in a hurry and don’t have access to water. These wipes have the properties of a facial cleanser and makeup remover, a mild toner and a face scrub at the same time. The soft cloth removes the heavy makeup gently and is particularly useful to be used around the eyes where the skin is delicate and sensitive. The wipes are infused with fruit extracts so they keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. These are tested and have a safe clinical profile. (more…)

Best Tattoo Machine

Top 6 Best Tattoo Machine for Tattoo Artists 2020

The tattoo industry has recently shown potential growth and popularity. Tattoo artists have been enabled to meet the demands as well, with the help of tattoo machines. The machines give a great experience and ensure that the job is done effectively and to the best of the artist’s abilities. The coil and rotary are the main types of tattoo machines that bring about different ways to create a tattoo. There are many different machines that can make it a bit tricky when choosing the right tattoo machine. Below mentioned are the best tattoo machines in 2020.

The Redscorpion Coil Tattoo Machine

Amazon best-selling product B01N6AZ2KP

The Redscorpion is one of the best coil tattoo machines. It has a uniform speed, stable when working, easy to color, and reduces the damage of the skin when being used. It has two handmade coils, the shader which has 10 wraps while the liner has 8 wraps of the coil. The coils are both made of alloy frames which should be oiled to prevent them from rusting. The tattoo machine works with low noise and produces no heat within the 8 hours of working. The spring of the tattoo gun has high flexibility, strong elasticity, and is not easy to wreck.

Bronc Premium Quality Rotary Cartridge

Amazon best-selling product B01KWOUFOO

This tattoo machine is designed to give a close feel to an actual pen. Bronc premium quality rotary cartridge body is covered with aircraft aluminum and weighs about 154g. The machine is powered by a reliable swiss motor and has long-lasting stability. It is among the best tattoo machines because it is able to offer an excellent environment to work in since it produces a lower amount of noise than other tattoo machines while it runs smoothly between 5-7 volts dc.

BMX Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

Amazon best-selling product B07KS49WK9

The BMX rotary tattoo machine enables a beginner to master the art of tattoo at a quicker pace and still be able to meet the professional requirements of a tattoo artist. It has a simple yet profound design that allows working more attractive and less boring. The machine has a powerful, strong, and stable motor that doesn’t allow the pen to get hot after a long time of being in use. The machine is ideal for both lining and shading of a tattoo. (more…)

Best Baby Bottle Brands

Top 6 Best Baby Bottle Brands Every Mom Should Check Out

The transition of the baby from breast to bottle is not an easy task and requires patience as well as proper equipment to do so. I hope you are aware of the fact that the design of the bottle nipple plays a significant role while you use a bottle to feed the baby. Below given baby bottles are of the best baby bottle brands, every mom should check out while you switch to the bottle.

Also, sterilizing them is essential, and providing the baby with warm milk helps in reducing the rejection rate as the mother’s milk is warm. You can also find sterilizers and milk warmers in the below products, along with baby bottles of various types.

NUK Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottle

Amazon best-selling product B07YMGM58Z

NUK baby bottle is designed uniquely to control the flow of the milk to be smooth and aid in cholic free feeding. The nipple of the bottle is designed to mimic the mother’s nipple helping the baby for a smooth transition from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding. This bottle has a thermometer icon for safe temperature indication, and it changes color if the milk is too hot.

Baby Bottle Warmer and Sterilizer

Amazon best-selling product B08535N4VK

The 6-in-1 action device warms the breast milk, defrosts it, heats – baby food, milk, formula, and sterilizes the baby bottles using steam. It can sterilize various types of baby bottles like glass, plastic, and silicon. The steam warmed milk retains all its essence and conveniently warms the milk in 6 minutes, fast enough to calm down the hungry baby.

TommeeTippee Pump And Go

Amazon best-selling product B07S8F7Q4X

The TommeeTippee Pump And Go is a comprehensive breast milk storage set for new moms where you can pump the milk directly into the pre-sterilized pouches. You can store these pouches in the fridge or attach the nipple given in the set directly to the pouch and feed your baby. No milk is wasted due to transfer.

You can warm the cold milk using one of the best bottle warmers for breast milk that retains the essence of milk to warm it to a safe temperature. It comes with 12 pouches, storage case, 3-piece breast pump adapter set, two nipples, a bottle, and a warmer. (more…)