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Top 6 Best Tattoo Machine for Tattoo Artists 2020

The tattoo industry has recently shown potential growth and popularity. Tattoo artists have been enabled to meet the demands as well, with the help of tattoo machines. The machines give a great experience and ensure that the job is done effectively and to the best of the artist’s abilities. The coil and rotary are the main types of tattoo machines that bring about different ways to create a tattoo. There are many different machines that can make it a bit tricky when choosing the right tattoo machine. Below mentioned are the best tattoo machines in 2020.

The Redscorpion Coil Tattoo Machine

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The Redscorpion is one of the best coil tattoo machines. It has a uniform speed, stable when working, easy to color, and reduces the damage of the skin when being used. It has two handmade coils, the shader which has 10 wraps while the liner has 8 wraps of the coil. The coils are both made of alloy frames which should be oiled to prevent them from rusting. The tattoo machine works with low noise and produces no heat within the 8 hours of working. The spring of the tattoo gun has high flexibility, strong elasticity, and is not easy to wreck.

Bronc Premium Quality Rotary Cartridge

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This tattoo machine is designed to give a close feel to an actual pen. Bronc premium quality rotary cartridge body is covered with aircraft aluminum and weighs about 154g. The machine is powered by a reliable swiss motor and has long-lasting stability. It is among the best tattoo machines because it is able to offer an excellent environment to work in since it produces a lower amount of noise than other tattoo machines while it runs smoothly between 5-7 volts dc.

BMX Pen Rotary Tattoo Machine

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The BMX rotary tattoo machine enables a beginner to master the art of tattoo at a quicker pace and still be able to meet the professional requirements of a tattoo artist. It has a simple yet profound design that allows working more attractive and less boring. The machine has a powerful, strong, and stable motor that doesn’t allow the pen to get hot after a long time of being in use. The machine is ideal for both lining and shading of a tattoo.

The Cheyenne Tattoo Machine Power Supply PU1

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Cheyenne PU1 power supply stands to be one of the best tattoo power supplies as it is compatible with any standard coil or rotary tattoo machine. it can be used to jumpstart any Cheyenne hawk machine with reliability and ease. The machine features a digital display and a touch screen front. It is an ideal tattoo machine for traveling because it is light in weight and has a compatible design.

Solong Hybrid Pen Tattoo Machine

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Solong hybrid pen tattoo machine serves both body tattoos and permanent makeup, applied on the eyebrows, lip line, and eye line. The hybrid tattoo pen is CNC-machined by aircraft aluminum alloy while the finishing touch is anodized. The design of the pen is able to give you a close feel to an actual pen. The machine has a motor that produces a low amount of noise.

Mast Tour Pen Tattoo Machine

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The mast tour pen is a small tattoo machine, made up with a special Japanese motor component to last longer while in use. The motor is coreless and is tested extensively for a guarantee of at least 3000 hours. The love for this particular machine is undeniable as it is smart, flexible, convenient to use, and comes in six dynamic colors.


Tattoos are used to brand captives. It is always crucial to have a reliable and professional tattoo machine because tattooing is a primitive type of art. Opting for the best tattoo machine will always improve the accuracy, safety, and efficiency of the art.