Best Ways to Get Shiny Healthy Hair Without Going to Salon Every Month

Some people may think that going to a salon every month is the only way to get shiny and bouncy hair. But the truth is you don’t need a keratin treatment, hair spa or hair smoothening to get that amazing look. You can just open the fridge or go to the kitchen and will find many things that will not only give you shiny hair but will provide your hair strength from the roots as well.

Best Ways to Get Shiny Healthy Hair

Choose Shampoo Carefully

No matter whatever product we use or not, everyone uses shampoo. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while choosing it, as the wrong shampoo can cause damage.

You can consider having a Korean shampoo if your goal is to have soft and smooth hair. Don’t use just any shampoo that comes to your hand, be picky and research about it.

Oiling Is the Key

Oiling the night before you want to wash your hair is necessary. Oiling not only gives nourishment, but it gives strength to the roots as well. Just warm your oil a little bit and massage it on your scalp in a circular motion using your fingertips.

Don’t ever use your nails on your scalp, as it will provoke minor cuts on your scalp resulting in damage. Choose the oil very carefully because chemicals present in the oil will sip into your scalp and not only harm your hair growth but your overall health as well slowly.

Just be mindful while choosing the product, be careful about the ingredients in it. If you are confused, you can buy any pure and natural Coconut oil, Almond oil or Olive oil. Castor oil is also great for hair growth when using on the scalp.


We sometimes tend to forget or ignore this step. But if you want manageable hair, you need to use a conditioner after every time you shampoo your hair. You can choose a conditioner according to your hair type, as we have many options nowadays in the market.

No matter how gentle shampoo is, it tends to strip the oil from your hair, so conditioning helps you restore the moisture required in your hair without making it oily.

Serum at the End

A Serum is essential, especially when you have long hair. The reason is, our scalp secretes oil to keep the hair moisturized, but when the hair is long enough, the oil can’t reach the tips.

The best way to use a serum is when your hair is a little wet. If you blow-dry your hair or use a straightener or curler, then using a serum is necessary.

Because it will not only make your hair silky and soft, it will protect your hair from the heat of all those machines. Even if you are just going out and planning to stay in the sun exposure for too long, a serum is important in that scenario as well.

Home Remedies

As I promised earlier, I will be now sharing some small tips that will be very easy to do and will give you amazing results.

You can use a hair mask with curd, lemon and any oil of your choice before 1 hour of doing shampoo.

Flaxseed gel can be an amazing solution to give strength and nourishment at the same time.

You can use eggs and bananas to make a mask as well. If you are going through major hair fall issues, you can look for shampoo for hair loss.


Use these tips and remedies regularly to see a significant result. Visiting a salon may give you the satisfaction of amazing looking hair, but all those chemical treatments can harm the hair in the end.