Comparison Between OPI Nail Lacquers and OPI Gel Nail Polish

OPI nail lacquer is a famous original formula most manicure lovers are familiar with — it is a trusted formula with fashion-forward and top quality colors with iconic names, making it one among the last word DIY nail systems. Read on to seek out just what makes the OPI formula so iconic and learn pro tips and tricks to forming your manicure that lasts longer and dries faster.

OPI’s gel nail polish or nail enamel is officially called “GelColor Soak-off Gel Lacquer.” Briefly, a gel manicure may be a coat of colored gel that appears deceptively, almost like nail enamel. It uses a thin brush-on formula made for a classic finish and top performance than regular nail enamel.

What is the Difference Between Nail Polish and Nail Lacquer?

Nail lacquer is typically more durable than the usual nail enamel formulas and is a bit thicker when compared, making it more chip resistant. Generally, Nail lacquers contain a pigment which is why they are solvent-based coatings, and they are applied to nails with a brush. Nail lacquers don’t require a lamp during curing to dry. OPI nail lacquer uses a fast-drying formula that gives up to 7 days of wear and tear and is out there in 200+ unique shades.

Benefits of Nail Lacquer Manicure

While pedicures and manicures aren’t full-body massages, they will be relaxing. Many nail salons offer various services, among which are the basic manicure and pedicures or a costlier treatment like hand and foot massages and aromatherapy. An easy hand and foot massage can help a lot if you’re having a stressful day.

It Improves the Nail’s Health

One of the essential elements of using nail enamel, or getting a manicure, is the cuticle oil. Although it has been once disregarded as too messy, it’s now a common part of nail treatments. Cuticle oil is made with different sorts of formulas like almond, tangerine, tea tree, rice bran, jojoba, and plain vitamin E oil. Most cuticle oils are now offered as gels, although some are still in the oil. It would help if you understood that not only do these cuticle oils prevent the expansion of fungus and bacteria, they also keep the nails and the skins around them soft. Your nails could fall off as a result of fungus and bacteria.

It Relaxes the Fingers More

Part of any good manicure is the nail massage. This goes hand in hand with the utilization of cuticle oil because it is usually applied to the cuticles and nails. At most salons, rather than just allowing it to soak in, it’s often gently massaged to certain benefits. This nail massage isn’t only great for distributing the moisture of the cuticle oil but also stimulates nail growth.

Hand and nail massage increases the flow of blood. OPI brands increased blood flow to the area allows toxins to so removed because of the blood’s conditioning effects. Give yourself nail massages once every week, or maybe once each day, and you’ll see a rise in the length and strength of your nails.

OPI nail enamel also maintained hands and nails to give a great impression of the quantity of care you treat your body with. Remember, while looks aren’t everything, the way you look is usually a part of any first impression you give. Many of us notice your face and hands first. Unkempt nails may allow people to think the remainder of your life is as messy.

Benefits of OPI Gel Nail Polish

Now that you know what nail lacquers and gel nail polish are, it’s time to break down the benefits. Here are some of the benefits of buy OPI gel nail polish:

It Offers 3 Weeks of Perfect Wear & Shine

Yes, that’s right—3 weeks. So if you’ve got a vacation planned, or always on the run, or can’t slot in a frequent salon visit, this is often the gel nail enamel that works as hard as you are doing without losing any of its shine. And you get better results for your buck! In simpler terms, an OPI gel nail enamel manicure doesn’t cost far more than the usual one, but the product is ten times better. You save money and time, and your nails will appear classy.

Fewer Chips, More Shine

It’s very annoying that after getting a manicure and leaving the salon and your new nail chips off. one of the most significant advantages of gel nails is that they don’t chip off easily. We sometimes hear complaints of chipping nails from disheartened nail art lovers. Ah, yes. The reality about chipped gel nail enamel manicures is within the application. OPI Gelcolor offers long-lasting wear and superior shine, but their gel nail enamel can’t outlast a bad application. A poor gel manicure that results in early chips may involve trying to replace your nail tech.

OPI Gel Protects Your Nail

A lot of girls struggle with weak or damaged nails. Let’s face it, our nails often aren’t treated also as they ought to be, and constant polishing and exposing the pins to the weather are often damaging. If your nails are susceptible to breakage, gel nail enamel could be the answer your nails need.

The curing process is a barrier to outside particles. Once dry, the polish can strengthen the nails that are susceptible to breakage and tears. OPI gel nail polish can’t be easily removed; thus, it’s the proper thanks to protecting your fragile nails from the weather.

Quick Drying Properties

Regular acrylic polish can take over an hour to completely dry, and there are no thanks to speeding up this process. It is often hard to keep your polish clean and excellent while it fully dries, and this will ruin a manicure soon.

Luckily, OPI gel polish dries in a moment. There is no waiting for long  periods or wanting to keep your hands less busy while your polish dries. The sunshine from the UV or LED instantly reacts with the gel polish to make the colors stick to your nail quickly. Your busy schedule won’t be further burdened with a further task.


Nail lacquers and gel nail polishes are mostly referred to as the same except for a few brands like OPI. OPI takes their time to make them different products. OPI nail lacquers are the regular /nail polishes, while their gel nail polishes are called Gelcolors. OPI is known for the top-quality of both their nail lacquers and gel nail polishes. Based on the comparison, you can make your purchase decision.