Fabulous Nail Polish to Try This 2019 Holiday Season

We are a few days away from the holiday season and you know what this means right? This means that aside from being jolly, this is also the season where decking your nails in too much sparkle is totally acceptable. Yes! This is the glittering season and this is the best time to get festive in our nail polishes. With the countless colors, finishes and textures to choose from, there is no need to fret as we have listed some of the holidays approved nail polishes that can make you feel merry and bright!

1. OPI Red

When we think of holidays, red is the first color that comes to mind because there is something about it that feels so right. The bright shade is so perfect for the holidays and whether you like to go glitzy or classic, OPI dip powder has the perfect shade for everyone.  Red as an apple, you can either put it as it is or use it as an accent to your favorite nail art, there is no wrong way to rock it this season. If you don’t want to go over the top, you can opt for the classic red nail bed and finish it with a glitter French nail and you are ready for the holidays.

Interesting shades you can try:

OPI N25-Big Apple Red

OPI L60 Dutch Tulips

OPI V29 Amoreatthe Grand Canal

2. SNS Greens

If you are one of those who enjoys painting their nails mint during the spring season then you have all the reasons to try anything in the green family. Prepare your nail to get more sophisticated because there are tons of gorgeous you can try. Emerald green never goes out of style especially in this time of the year. SNS nail dip powder has all the shades you want and more.

Interesting shades you can try:

SNS 18 Chameleon Iguana

SNS 330 I’m Forevergreen

3. DND Blues

There is no reason to feel blue this holiday season, paint your nails with any shades of blue and you’ll feel festive in no time. From navy, cobalt, shimmery blurple or sapphire, there’s blue paint for every occasion. This shade gives you a sleek look without looking over the top. This classic shade can be worn in the office to a dinner date in a snap.

Interesting shades you can try:

DND 410 Ocean Night Star

DND 622 Midnight Blue

DND 002 – Earth day

4. Kiara Sky Purple

Purple nails connotes being confident, artistic and not afraid to stand out from the crowd but lately, purple nail polish doesn’t get enough attention as it deserves. While many think that the shade is too young, given the right mani, this look has a sophisticated, dressed-up effect that is perfect for the season. Besides, purple is the color of royalty so wearing it this season is the best way to get started.

Interesting shades you can try:

Kiara Sky 445 Grape Your Attention

Kiara Sky 520 Out On The Town

Kiara Sky 410 Chinchilla

5. OPI Golds

Holidays are the perfect time of the year to wear a full golden mani. Why? Because nothing says holidays than those golden sparkly manicures. Surprisingly though, the regal shade is versatile. You can either use it as an accent or a topcoat, there is no wrong way to wear it especially this season. Give your nails the Mida’s Touch and indulge in your own mini goldrush this Christmas. If there is a specialist in the world of gold nail polish, then it is definitely OPI. With a wide range of choices under their belt, OPI is the best choice if you want to get glamorous this season.

Interesting shades you can try:

OPI GCHP L12 All The Way

OPI I58 This Isnt Greenland

6. Whites

We always think of silver-white mani as an accent or a bride’s nail, while this is true, there are also tons of ways and reasons to wear it this holiday season. This minimalist looks so chic and not to mention that it is universally flattering. One good thing about silver-white nail polish is that it can be used in numerous ways. If you frequent Instagram, you would know what we mean by that. C’mon, this nail polish has all the drama you need and if you add a rhinestone stud, you’ll have that understated touch of sparkle.

Interesting shades you can try:

OPI GCN59A Take a right on bourbon

DND 547 Niagara Falls