Most Trendy Nail Dipping Designs You Should Try

Talking about the classiest and most in-fashion nail trends, dip powder nails are the most famous nail art product these days, a trend spreading so fast that everyone wants to follow and recreate the classy designs. The eye-catchy, shiny and colorful nails are becoming a must-have for every social media celebrity.

Nail Dipping Designs

OPI dipping powder is an easily available nail design product and is well known in the field of dip powder nails. The vitamins in the nail dip powder helps to maintain the health and strength of the nails. It is odorless and provides gel-like shine which lasts for weeks without the need to cure the nails again. The classy designs take false acrylic nails to another level.
When any fashion is in trend, everyone wants to become a part of it without even knowing the pros and cons of the products being used. But before adopting any fashion trend, you should first get some knowledge about the basics to use them.

Some of the most trendy nail designs to try are given below:

1. Ombre Nails with Accent of Glitter

Ombre nail is a beautiful trend that has become super popular on social media. Either it be Hollywood celebrities or social media influencers, everyone is pursuing this style. It is also easy to learn and everyone can DIY it quite conveniently.

To create this look, use LDS D10 Lavender Ballad and LDS Clear Powder to get the ombre effect. Use LDS D154 to give a glittery touch. Jazz up the look by adding glitter and gems. You can use any color of glitter, attractive gemstones or rhinestones of your choice when recreating this amazing look.

2. Translucent white Crystal Nails

On a translucent background, apply a few crystals and get a design that is practical for daily wear and stands out with almost any outfit so you won’t have to change the nail design every other day. LDS powder can also be used to get the translucent background.

3. Dazzled Pink Sugar Coated Nails

Use LDS D63 Apple Blossom, combined with silver-toned LDS D165 to create the ultra feminine look. This designer look takes the artificial nails to another level.

4. Silver & Blue

Use the versatile blue nail dipping powder to color the nails. Cover the ring finger nail with silver nail dipping powder and get this quick and unique look which is perfect for a romantic dinner date or for everyday wear.

5. Nude Ombre

The nude nails are getting great hype in this decade. Instead of wearing the plain Nude shades, add a few glitters to get extra glam. If you are feeling extra, add some rhinestones or glitters for some artistic touch. It could also be done on short nails too and looks really good.

6. Sexy Burgundy Nail Tip

Burgundy is one of the sexiest and eye catchy colors which goes with every skin tone. Get the stunning burgundy dip powder nails by using shade of burgundy with silver powder. Add big glitters to enhance the look.

7. French Nail Tip

One nail trend that would not ever go out of style is definitely the French nail tip. Instead of going for the traditional white tip, you can use several colors such as mint green with glitters to create a cool nail art. It not only looks refreshing but is also subtle enough to be worn at any occasion. A french tip of neon colours can make you the centre of attention in any event. You can also experiment with other colors.